Saturday, November 7, 2009

An email from 1 of U!

"Uniquelyu is so uplifting. My "friends" always made fun of my big lips. NOW, everyone wants big lips with getting injections in them and such. I ditched those 'friends' and took my lips elsewhere."
- Cindy

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  1. I say WOOT WOOT Cindy!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!!

  2. It's really good to see that people can rise above mean comments and attacks and hold their heads up and see the upside of life, Cindy. You deserve good people around you who aren't jealous and constantly making negative comments.

    This is a good wing of the blog, Ross :)

  3. I have big lips too but they were not so amazing when I was made fun of in the late 80s for having 'Horse Lips' and called 'Big Lips' during pep rallys behind my back. I asked my BEGGED my Dad for a lip reduction. Yes, you heard it. I was scared to go on the bus I got made fun of for my lips so bad. When I was in elementary school a girl who still is emblazened in my memory pushed her lips together and would call me duck lips. All I have to say is THANK YOU ANGELINA JOLIE. And GO YOU!!! I know how it feels but now finally you and I...we have the last laugh...huh???? Jessica